10 tips for a diverse and inclusive workplace

Research and training charity IGD worked in partnership with MBS and PwC to understand diversity in the consumer goods industry.

The research identified ten practical steps you can take for a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

1. Define what diversity and inclusion means for your organisation. Be clear about why it is important and explain what success will look like.

2. Identify your strengths and priorities for improvement. Be honest in your review as this is a new area of management for many organisations.

3. Lead from the top. View it like a change programme and ensure it is a priority for your entire leadership team. Create ownership by appointing an individual who has authority to champion diversity and inclusion.

4. Set targets and measure progress. Regular communication and transparency are key.

5. Foster an inclusive culture and mind-set. Create an environment where everyone can perform at their best and make sure you empower your internal champions.

6. Inform and support your line managers. Equip your managers with relevant tools so that they are able to support their teams. Consider offering everyone training on unconscious bias

7. Identify and prioritise company-wide programmes and interventions. These can include new policies, practices, progression programmes, support packages and changes to the office environment.

8. Share success stories. It is an opportunity identify positive role models and celebrate your progress.

9. Learn from others. Find out what other companies are doing and remember to share your experience with peers.

10. Keep diversity and inclusion high on your organisation’s agenda. Taking a long-term test and learn approach is often a key to success.

For more information, you can access the full report from IGD.

IGD diversity research

View the report

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