Ways of working and tools

There are many tools available that you can use to help you work more effectively and efficiently.

Ways of working and tools - resources | Ways of working and tools - courses

Ways of working and tools - resources

  • Making effective decisions

    Solving problems by making effective decisions - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    A must for project managers, this module will demonstrate the skills required to analyse complex problems and plan solutions, with an emphasis on creative and rational decision-making.

  • Woman sat in home at desk with cat

    Creating a home office

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    Home working can be rewarding but there are a number of issues to think about including your physical safety and your emotional wellbeing. Here are some simple tips to make working from home more organised, safe and enjoyable.

  • Best practices for Gantt charts

    Best practices to employ when creating your Gantt chart

    Follow these eight best practice tips from Team Gantt to ensure your project plan is easy to understand for everyone involved.

  • Good decision making

    The art of good decision making

    Decision making can often be daunting with many of us avoiding the decision often because we fear change. Brendon from Brendon.com talks through three perspectives we can use to greatly improve our decision making abilities and the chance of making the right decision.

  • How to make a decision

    How to make a decision

    Life constantly forces us to make very big and often very painful decisions which many of us struggle to make. In this animated video the School of Life looks at the skills needed for decision making.

  • How to create project brief

    How to create a project brief

    A good project plan should always start with a project brief. Team Gantt shares tips on how to create a great brief to ensure your project plan is effective and realistic for everyone.

  • How to present a project plan

    How to present a project plan

    Team Gantt shares some simple things that you can do to make the process of presenting your plan to a client smooth and stress-free for everyone.

  • Making hard choices

    Ways of making hard decisions

    Many of us struggle with hard choices, primarily because with hard choices, there is no best option. Philosopher Ruth Chang offers a new way of thinking about hard choices.

  • What you need to know for a project plan

    What you need to know before creating a project plan

    To help you prepare, Team Gantt shares six questions to ask before starting your project plan.

  • How to plan a project

    Learn how to create a solid project plan

    Creating a solid project plan is essential to keeping your project on track and in budget. This video covers five simple steps for creating an effective project plan.

  • Good project management

    How to be a good project manager

    Team Gantt shares ten tips on how to be a better project manager.

  • Setting project expectations

    Setting and managing project expectations

    Good project managers should set expectations from day-one. Team Gantt covers how you can set client expectations with regards to scope, timeline, process and communication.

  • Project management terms and meanings

    Top ten project management terms and what they mean

    Team Gantt explores the top ten terms used in project management and defines what they actually mean.

  • Budgeting tips for business

    Budgeting tips to help you in business

    CFO On-Call shares quick tips on how to use your business budget effectively while setting plans and strategies for business growth.

Ways of working and tools - courses

  • Agile working1

    Agile working - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    Agile working is becoming a common feature of the modern workplace. Our e-learning module will demonstrate how agile working can reduce costs, improve productivity and provide employees with a better work-life balance.

  • Agile working for managers

    Agile working for managers - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This module has been designed to guide management personnel through the introduction of agile working.

  • project management foundation1

    Project management, foundation - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This module takes you through the stages of the project management process and gives you practical exercises and information to improve your project management skills.

  • Project management

    Project management - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    A guide for practicing or potential middle managers, this e-learning module demonstrates the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage a project.

  • information management1

    Information management - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This course will examine why information is important and our role as a manager, as well as providing a framework model with which to effectively analyse information needs.

  • email stress1

    Email stress - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This course explores aspects of email stress and offers practical advice to help you use email more effectively. 

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