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Now is a worrying time to work in retail. Financial instability, uncertainty, constant change and social disconnection has made everyday life even more challenging. 

The Trust’s aim is to be there #forthefour in four retail colleagues who need financial health and wellness support. retailTRUST offers immediate help for those who are struggling and preventative support to enable individuals to manage their finances and plan for the future. 

Financial health and wellness is a core pillar of mental health. While one in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime, we believe we should be there #forthefour in four retail colleagues who will experience a setback or difficult life event.   

We provided over £828,000 of financial aid last year to help retail colleagues remain in their own homes, feed their families or make hospital visits. We enhanced our financial wellness guidance on, aiming to improve financial literacy on topics such as budgeting, planning and financial resilience.  

We believe in a world where everyone involved with retail is able to access help and preventative support to manage their wellbeing, whenever they need it.  

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The best way to show your support is to chat about wellbeing and the resources available with your friends, family and colleagues. Talk about the tools in team meetings, over lunch, on social media and anywhere else you like. Be proud to be there #forthefour. Our toolkit gives you the materials to start the conversation about financial wellness in your workplace.  

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Last year we provided 125% more urgent financial grants to enable individuals to remain in their own homes and meet their essential needs. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your support. 

Please donate whatever you can so we can help more of our retail colleagues during their time of need. 

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Train your teams  

Support can come from professionals or services like retailTRUST but it can also come from the people around us. We want to ensure that you and your colleagues have the tools to help create a happier and healthier workforce. Learn how our wellbeing workshops could work for your organisation. 

The sessions are specifically designed for retailers and the unique challenges they face. Offering practical insights into many aspects of wellbeing, each workshop upskills participants to approach mental health and wellbeing with more confidence, a deeper understanding of the issues, and practical tools to take back into the workplace.  

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