Using digital

Making use of the digital technologies available to us, whether it be online calendars to help us get organised, or discovering how to build an app, can enhance both our home and work lives.

Using digital for job seeking | Gmail | The cloud | Building an app

Using digital for job seeking

  • google-job-search-badge

    Google job search

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST partnered with Qube Learning

    When searching for a new position, you are faced with a huge selection of job search websites. Qube Learning show you how to make the most of Google to help you to find your ideal role.

  • Starting out in retail

    The best job search websites

    Techboomers talks about the best places to look online when you’re trying to find a new job, change careers, or get started in the work, sharing tips to help you get hired.

  • Online networking

    The role of online networking when job seeking

    Linda Raynier shares her five key steps to network online to ultimately land more interviews beyond just submitting an application online.

  • Networking online

    How to network online and build a strong social circle

    Think Media examines the importance of networking and shares three big tips and tools for building influence with online video, to ultimately help grow your network and build a strong social circle.

  • researching-company-online-badge

    Researching a company online

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST partnered with Qube Learning

    Qube Learning’s golden rule for a successful interview is making sure you research the organisation in advance. Find out how research can help improve your chances of securing a role.

  • digital-footprint-badge

    Your digital footprint

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST partnered with Qube Learning

    More and more often, employers carry out social screening before offering you a job. Qube Learning offer a few tips so you can make sure your digital footprint is the best it can be.


The cloud

  • Aerial view of man sitting on a sofa working on a laptop

    Storing and sharing documents securely in the cloud

    ‘The cloud’ refers to servers that are accessed over the internet and located in data centres across the globe. Find out more about applications that you can use to store and share documents safely online.

  • How to stay safe online

    How to stay safe online

    Online fraud and internet hacking are real problems. This video shares some simple things that you can do today to protect and secure yourself online.

Building an app

  • beginner guide to using an app 1

    A beginner's guide to building an App - lesson one

    This is the first in a ten-part video series to teach beginners the fundamental skills for building apps on iOS. By end of this first video you will have made your very first app.

  • Building an app 2

    A beginner's guide to building an App - lesson two

    In this second video of a ten-part series designed to teach beginners the fundamental skills for making apps on iOS, you’ll learn about Auto Layout which is the Xcode used to size and position elements on your user interface.

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