Managing stress

If you are facing stress at work, you are not alone. Mental health charity Mind, estimates that one in six employees in the UK experience depression, anxiety or stress at any given time. This page offers some guidance on dealing with and managing stress. You may also want to consider speaking with someone outside of the situation. They won’t be able to “fix” the problem for you – only you can do that – but having a friend or colleague to go to when things become overwhelming can only make you feel better. You might also like to speak with a qualified counsellor in confidence.

  • Tipsheet Daily stress hygiene techniques

    Stress management techniques: tips for staying well every day

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    When we’re in ‘a good place’ physically and emotionally, we’re more likely to address stress proactively and with a clear head. Learn about the daily stress management techniques that you can adopt to stay well.

  • Five ways to deal with stress

    Five ways to deal with stress

    Niomi Smart shares her five personal tips and techniques of how to deal with stress.

  • Tactics to combat stress at work

    Tactics to combat stress at work

    Learn to recognise the areas of stress at work we can control and do something about, and discover six tactics to employ to alleviate that stress and put things into perspective.

  • Stress awareness

    Stress awareness - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This stress awareness module is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work.

  • Tips for ways to unwind and relieve stress

    Tips for ways to unwind and relieve stress

    In this video, the Well Cast presenter offers some simple everyday solutions that we can easily incorporate into our everyday lives to help promote relaxation and relieve stress.

  • The science behind stress

    How to make stress your friend

    While stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that how you think about stress matters and that it may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.

  • How to turn busy into balance

    How to turn busy into balance

    Life coach Sara Cameron explores being busy, why we become busy, and what we can do to feel less overwhelmed and more balanced.

  • Stress at work

    Stress at work

    Source: Turning Point

    Looking after your health and wellbeing is about looking after the whole of you. We are working with Turning Point to offer access to online information and advice along with evidence-based structured interventions on a range of wellbeing topics covering mind, body and behaviour.

  • Tipsheet Manage stress and build resilience

    21 things to help manage stress and build resilience

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    This article provides information on the common behaviours and attitudes resilient people tend to display, and how they can be learned and practised throughout our lifetime.

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