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Championing the health of retail

While one in four adults in the UK experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime, we believe we should be there #forthefour in four colleagues who will experience a setback or life event. Whether or not someone has a mental health problem is less important that recognising that everyone will face something that is deserving of support.

Our pioneering approach provides emotional, physical, vocational and financial services for everyone working in retail and this is what makes us different.

We believe in a world where everyone involved with retail is able to access help and preventative support to manage their wellbeing, whenever they need it.

This is our once-in-a-lifetime chance to protect the health and happiness of our colleagues in these unprecedented times.

  • Act now to improve the lives of retail workers.
  • Act now to offer preventative wellbeing support.
  • Act now so that retail continues to be the premier industry in the UK economy.

So join us and be there #forthefour.

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retailTRUST Chief Executive Chris Brook-Carter hosted our first fully virtual event on 19-21 October 2020


Our virtual event was attended by representatives from over 200 leading companies across the UK. Delegates include chief executives, directors, HR leads, people partners, wellbeing managers, learning and development leads, marketing managers, buyers and merchandisers, store managers, customer service assistants and sales staff. 

Building on our #forthefour campaign, which shines a spotlight on the Trust’s mission to provide support for every individual whenever they need it, we launced an exclusive week of content free of charge, which is now available on-demand.

Our three-day programme of content will equip you and your colleagues with the skills to manage your emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing.

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