Understanding leadership

Organisations with good leadership are often more productive and successful. There are varying styles of leadership and adopting the right one can mean the difference between success and failure.

Understanding leadership - resources | Understanding leadership - courses

Understanding leadership - resources

Understanding leadership - courses

  • Becoming an effective leader

    Becoming an effective leader - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This course identifies the main attributes of leadership and shows how these skills can be best used in the modern workplace.

  • Developing your ledership style

    Developing your leadership style - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This module seeks to build on earlier learning by further examining the key areas in which the successful leader must develop.

  • Understanding the management role

    Understanding the management role - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    A comprehensive overview of the middle management role and how it applies to your organisation, with a particular focus on the areas of strategy and vision, communication skills and personal development.

  • Managing for efficiency and effectiveness

    Managing for efficiency and effectiveness - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    Efficiency and effectiveness are terms which often find themselves paired together, and both are needed for an organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. However, they are two distinct factors in performance, and every organisation must strike a balance.

  • Leading innovation and change

    Leading innovation and change - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    Innovation is key to an organisation’s ongoing success and, by definition, involves change. This module explores various ways to lead innovation, along with how to implement change via a system of continuous improvement.

  • Developing and leading teams to achieve goals

    Developing and leading teams to achieve goals - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    Measuring organisational performance has become increasingly important requiring effective leadersip of teams to achieve desired results.

  • coaching1

    Coaching - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    Coaching is a critical leadership skill, and when used effectively it can be the difference between acceptable levels of performance and exemplary levels. 

  • mentoring for mentors1

    Mentoring for mentors - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    In this e-learning course you will learn what mentoring is and the benefits it can bring. 

  • Supervising achieving excellence

    Supervising, achieving excellence - course

    Source: Learning Pool

    This module examines what it means to be a supervisor, and offers some fast-track methods for achieving excellence.

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