Progressing your career

Learn about the strategies you can adopt and the resources you can use to help progress your career.

  • Woman sat at laptop holding a coffee

    How do I create a great LinkedIn profile?

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    LinkedIn allows people to share ideas, news and information. It is also used widely to network online and find new career opportunities. Here are some tips on creating your LinkedIn profile.

  • Before-accepting-a-job-badge

    Eleven things to consider before accepting a job offer

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    You have been looking for a new role and have been successful in securing a job offer. Before you accept, here are a few things to consider.

  • Networking scene in office

    Networking for your career development

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST

    Networking can be nerve-wracking but it is well worth considering, and can be a really rewarding way to develop your career. Here are some simple things that you can do to make your networking more productive and enjoyable.

  • Jane Wealthall

    retailTRUST supporting House of Fraser through the upskilling initiative

    Service Manager Jane Wealthall explains how retailTRUST have supported her and her colleagues through the upskilling initiative.

  • Online networking

    The role of online networking when job seeking

    Linda Raynier shares her five key steps to network online to ultimately land more interviews beyond just submitting an application online.

  • Qualities for career advancement

    Qualities needed for career advancement

    Patrick Bet-David shares the three qualities he looks for in his own staff that are needed to constantly advance in your career.

  • qube learning logo

    Supply chain and distribution courses from Qube learning

    Qube Vision is an online eLearning course catalogue offering online training courses.

  • reshaping your career

    Reshaping your career

    Joseph Liu shares his story of leaving his medical career behind. Joseph speaks about the emotional ups and downs of career transitions, and poses questions to help clarify where you are on your career journey.

  • Career change

    How to change careers

    Felicia Ricci is an author, performer, voice teacher, and an entrepreneur. Drawing on her own experiences, she talks about the process of making ‘revision’ in your life, and the varying degrees that can take.

  • career change2

    Career change? Questions you need to ask yourself.

    Laura Sheehan, a career strategist, talks about her journey and shares tips on how to find success wherever you are.

  • Fast track your career

    Strategies to use for fast-tracking your career

    Job Interviewology shares some key strategies to accelerate your career, secure senior-level positions, make strategic career moves, plan and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Networking online

    How to network online and build a strong social circle

    Think Media examines the importance of networking and shares three big tips and tools for building influence with online video, to ultimately help grow your network and build a strong social circle.

  • researching-company-online-badge

    Researching a company online

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST partnered with Qube Learning

    Qube Learning’s golden rule for a successful interview is making sure you research the organisation in advance. Find out how research can help improve your chances of securing a role.

  • google-job-search-badge

    Google job search

    Exclusive content from retailTRUST partnered with Qube Learning

    When searching for a new position, you are faced with a huge selection of job search websites. Qube Learning show you how to make the most of Google to help you to find your ideal role.

  • Starting out in retail

    The best job search websites

    Techboomers talks about the best places to look online when you’re trying to find a new job, change careers, or get started in the work, sharing tips to help you get hired.

  • Building your personal online brand

    How to create your own personal brand

    Building a personal brand involves creating a recognisable professional profile which you can grow both online and offline, and use to market yourself to prospective employers. 

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