Before accepting a job

You have been looking for a new role and have been successful in securing a job offer. Before you accept, here are a few things to consider.

1. Company culture. This is important as it defines how well you will fit in with the team, organisation and workplace. Take a look at the company website, social media channels and mission statement to learn about their vision, values and beliefs.

2. Expectations and responsibilities. Read through the job specification again to see if you understand the expectations of the role and what you will be responsible for. Contact the hiring manager or HR team for any clarification.

3. Working hours. Does the company have standard working hours or can you request flexible working? Knowing this in advance will help you with your decision.

4. The benefits on offer. Many organisations offer a varied benefits package which can include healthcare, life assurance, a pension scheme, and bonuses. Make sure to ask about the perks that are available.

5. Annual leave. How much leave will you receive and can you take any pre-booked holidays? Find out about your entitlement and whether it will work with your personal commitments.

6. Policies and procedures. Organisations have set policies and processes which employees must adhere to. Request a copy of these so you can familiarise yourself with them.

7. Feedback from other employees. Ask what colleagues think of the company. You can also look at their website to access company feedback.

8. Training and development. Find out what training the organisation provides to meet your development needs. Are there are any mandatory courses you will need to complete once you start?

9. Career opportunities. If you are looking to progress further, it is useful to learn about the potential opportunities that may be available in the future.

10. Relocation. Find out if a relocation package is available if you will be required to relocate for the role. The business may be able to pay a percentage of your moving expenses or help you find an affordable place to live.

11. The commute. If you will be required to go into the workplace, how long will it take you to get there? Knowing your commuting time will help you establish how long you will be out for the day and whether that works with your personal commitments.