Redundancy is a complex area and can leave us feeling confused. We have responded to some of your unanswered questions to help point you in the right direction and feel more in control of your situation.  

Financial budgeting

When facing redundancy it is good to understand your financial situation. The following resources offer guidance on how to budget.

Redundancy calculator

Budgeting for beginners

Know your rights

Support with benefits

We might find ourselves in financial difficulty as a result of being made redundant. Learn about the government assistance that is available for you.

Benefits explained

At risk of redundancy

Being put at risk of redundancy is not the same as being made redundant.

Redundancy explained

What to do when being made redundant

Knowing where to start can seem like a daunting experience. The government has pulled together some helpful resources if you require support.

Government guidance

Notice period

Understanding your redundancy notice period and what you are allowed to do during this time can seem confusing. The following link offers more details.

Notice period explained

Gardening leave

As part of your redundancy agreement, your employer may offer you gardening leave (also known as garden leave). Find out what this may mean for you.

Gardening leave explained

Settlement agreement

You may be offered a settlement agreement as part of the termination of your employment. Please click on the link below to understand more.

Settlement agreement explained

Furlough and redundancy

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all business sectors, with some employers offering to furlough staff as a means of retention. Given the economic crisis, you may find your job is still not guaranteed. The government has put together some helpful information for employees.

Government guidance