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We recognise that debt can impact on your mental, physical and emotional health. Managing your personal wellbeing is not always something that instantly springs to mind when managing issues relating to debt. However, the reality is that vulnerabilities can affect your ability to deal with finances.

With this in mind, PayPlan can provide access to a dedicated vulnerable client team who have been specifically set up to help identify and support clients with vulnerabilities, such as those with a terminal illness, mental incapacity or learning disabilities like dyslexia. The team can also offer specialist one-to-one support.

PayPlan’s tailored approach means you can:

  • Have a dedicated adviser
  • Be offered advice sessions at a time that suits you, such as around medical or carers’ appointments
  • Receive information in a way that suits you such as bitesize facts, helping you to understand it better
  • Understand the choices you are making when choosing a solution
  • Receive additional adjustments, such as being removed from any automated communications
  • Get information in alternative formats, like braille or large print formats
  • Allow PayPlan to work with an appointed third party or family member
  • Be sent a written summary of any conversation as a reminder.

They also follow a ‘tell us once’ approach to helping clients. With your permission, they’ll help creditors to understand your situation and work together to put you in the best financial position, so you can afford to repay at least a proportion of your debts.

Support available

The team at PayPlan can assist you with the following issues:

For more information about PayPlan’s vulnerable client team, please take a look at their dedicated webpage.

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